Why so quiet?

This is some tumbleweed

I haven’t written on here for a long time, and that’s simply because I haven’t been travelling. I’ve been at the office, and who wants to read about that.

That’s a lie, actually. I have been travelling, just not nearly as much as before, and I haven’t had the time to write about it – other than for the Mail, which doesn’t allow swear words and is thus less fun.

But this year so far, I have been to Swedish Lapland, Cape Town (again), Ireland, Croatia and Texas.

You can read about Swedish Lapland here: Snowy vistas, roaming reindeer and a hotel made from ice: Why Swedish Lapland is the world’s most magical place to hunt for the Northern Lights

And my stay at the famed Ice Hotel here: What it’s like to sleep in a (luxury) freezer: Inside Lapland’s palatial Icehotel, with its elaborate bar, -5C rooms and special ‘duvet suits’

I’m actually in the process of writing a very thorough and hopefully useful guide to Cape Town for the Mail, I just haven’t quite finished yet. I took my friend Steven along this time, who I met in Antarctica. And I shall be writing a separate blog on why it’s a very good idea to go on holiday with a platonic friend of the opposite sex, soon.

I shall also be doing a blog post on Ireland, where I spent a weekend with 20 strangers in a massive manor house plonked in the middle of nowhere. It will have swearing in it.

And, when I finally get round to it, a post on Croatia too, where I trundled around with Bird looking at ancient ruins and snorkelling off near-deserted rocky coves.

Here is Annabel at the Ice Hotel in Sweden
Here is the unlikely friendship between a cat and a reindeer in Lapland
Here is Annabel sitting in a cloud in Cape Town
Here is Steven, her travel companion
Here is Ireland
Annabel was having much more fun here than it looks like
Here is the amphitheatre at Pula in Croatia
And here is Annabel, who is currently in Austin, Texas

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